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TELEPHONE: 91 690 22 50



Teléfono: 91 690 22 50


A piano is more than just a musical instrument.

We are well-aware of their importance and sentimental value.

And that is why we specialize in the transport of pianos in Madrid

We employ professionals who specialize in moving and transporting pianos, and who understand what has to be done when transporting an instrument such as this.
If you want a guarantee of quality when moving your piano in Madrid, you can count on us.
Even if we are not carrying out the rest of the removals, call us.
If you so wish, our only task will be to move your piano to the location you indicate.
But, don’t leave something as important as a piano in the hands of amateurs.
Contact us and we will offer you the best estimate and the best service.

The contract you sign with the removal company should give explicit details of all the services you will receive. Go over it carefully, as you will have to pay for any other extra service required.
Visit the furniture repository before deciding to take out this service. This will allow you to see the conditions and quality first-hand.
Although it will work out more expensive, take out an insurance policy to cover any damage or loss, even when your belongings are not particularly valuable from a monetary point of view.


Teléfono: 91 690 22 50

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