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When planning to move home, make sure you do not leave everything to the last minute. As a little organization and methodology will ensure this event does not turn into a source of anxiety for you and yours. Trust the professionals and always look for a specialized company that offers quality and efficiency. Here are some practical hints to make moving home a success.

Plan the move with plenty of time.
There is no such thing as a complicated move, if this is planned sufficient time in advance, the days of the move are clearly specified, and the details are organized personally. In this way, it is possible to avoid unnecessary disruption and worry.

Once you have selected one or more transportation companies, ask them to visit your home to obtain a more precise quote, which should be given to you preferable in writing.

Sign the contract only when it meets your requirements. You are perfectly within your rights to insist on this, and thus, avoid being taken advantage of.

Check the items to be relocated
Carefully select the personal items that you wish to move yourself. Take advantage of the situation to separate and get rid of items you are not going to need. Leave behind old or unnecessary items.

When changing home
Make sure the furniture removal coincides with the day you move into your new home. If you are moving outside your city of residence, take time to organize the trip, and have all necessary items at hand, including the keys to your new home. The majority of removal companies also offer storage facilities.

What services do removal companies offer
All serious removal companies will offer to pack your furniture and fittings and guarantee their safekeeping, they will also use the most suitable vehicle for the relocation and deliver the property to the address indicated.

NGenerally speaking, normal removal services do not include the removal of waste containers or objects that are no longer of any use, nor do they include hanging lights or pictures on the walls, screwing shelf units in place, etc. If you want the removal company to carry out these tasks, you should ask for a separate quote, and will be invoiced per number of hours.

Remember there are ways to properly insure your property against unforeseen contingencies.

How to make sure the move goes well:

Formalize a contract for the move. A verbal agreement can be broken.
Request that the quotes be given to you in writing. This will help avoid any later modifications to the price.
Ask to be shown reference rates. This will ensure that you are not quoted arbitrary rates.
Check to ensure that the company complies with the legally established requirements for the sector, that it is properly registered, that it has civil liability cover, and that its personnel are insured.
Don’t be fooled by cheap relocation quotes. Quality, service and efficiency do not come cheap.

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