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Thinking about moving??
Here is a list of tips that you should bear in mind when planning and organizing the move.

Repair, remodel

Have a plumber check out the condition of the pipes in your new home, including bathrooms, kitchen, electric water heater, etc.
Have an electrician check the electrical system to avoid short circuits.
If you are going to paint the walls of your new home, be sure to do this before moving in.
If you own carpets, have them cleaned before moving.
Change the name plates on the doors leading onto the street.
Check how secure your new home is so that you can take any necessary measures.

Classify objects based on their fragility, and type of object.
Make a list of priorities when packing, and fill a box with items that are absolutely essential for when you arrived at your new home.
Make a list detailing the objects wrapped in each box, and number each of them. We suggest to keep the list in a safe place, such as, for example, an Excel file or an agenda.
On the outside on the boxes, write where they are to be unpacked (kitchen, living room. etc.)
Get boxes, masking tape, newspaper and/or plastic for fragile items.
Seal any objects that may go off or those containing liquid inside bags (seal these in bags or with masking tape).

Store items in a clean, dry place, so that they do not deteriorate, when kept in storage for over 15 days.

Take out insurance

Take out a floating insurance policy for the objects you are relocating. We recommend this insurance when relocating outside the province, as items may be damaged or lost.
Get authorization for the move from the police station in the neighborhood you are leaving, as some municipalities require this. This authorization can be obtained one or two days in advance of the move. N.B.: Municipalities will not give authorizations for moves on Sundays or public holidays.

Hire a removal company to move your furniture.


Have a person you trust in your new home to supervise unloading.
Donít forget to give the house a good clean before unpacking.

Some additional tips
Wrap fragile items to avoid breakages.
Put both light and heavy objects in the same box to ensure it does not weigh too much.
Cover furniture with cloth to avoid them getting chipped during the move.
If storing carpets for more than 15 days, roll them up and put black pepper on them to avoid moths.
Leave plants for last and donít water them for 48 before the move.

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